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Weihai HaoDong packing co., LTD. : analysis of the development of China's export commodity packaging industry

2017-3-6 17:52:29 view:
packagingIs an important tool for sales strategy, it is a silent salesman, another important advertising media convey commodity information.Excellent export commodities sales packaging is characteristic of a magnifying glass, it can through the commodity trademarks, the modelling of container, packaging image, color, and the effect of visual communication to make the goods in different shopping places and the competition of the same or different.

China's accession to the WTO, the domestic packaging industry impact of foreign competition enterprise, how to make Chinese export commodities packaging can meet the needs of the international market, and strengthen the competitive power of the commodity of international market, is a key problem urgently to be solved in the packaging industry in China.

First, our country export commodities packaging industry present situation and existing problems

After more than 20 years of development, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, but there are still obvious gap compared with foreign advanced level.China's packaging industry overall competitiveness is not strong, is not high degree of industry intensive, the structure of convergence, overall technical level, low product added value and recycling utilization;Exposed at the same time, in the packaging industry waste of resources, environmental pollution, and hinder the sustainable development problem that nots allow to ignore.In addition, the domestic packaging industry must be a lot of equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging products also rely on large packaging enterprises in developed countries.This a series of problems become smoothly into the packaging industry of our country to participate in the international market competition of the important factors.
1, the packaging industry in China started late.Slow development, weak industry.

For now, China's packaging consumption proportion in national economy is very small, packaging consumption per capita is only $20.From the overall, China's packaging industry has not really become an important pillar industry of national economy, is not an important part of information industry, and in developed countries, packaging industry has become a pillar industry in national economy.According to statistics, the average American packaging consumption amount of $463, Japan's per capita of $617, much higher than China.

2, commodity packaging enterprise information construction.Product packaging serious lack of talent.
Foreign market standards about the packing are diverse and complex, and most of the packaging enterprise managers understanding of the relationship between information and enterprise itself development is not enough, so the investment in enterprise informatization is relatively limited.According to the survey, the vast majority of packaging enterprise for information construction investment usually accounts for only 4% of new assets in the following, this number compared with the international industry vary widely.Many domestic packaging enterprises in the international commodity market information relating to the product packaging serious shortage of understanding, the purpose of export commodities market information about packaging materials, specifications and standards.

, on the other hand, the current packaging enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized packaging enterprises lack a batch is familiar with the production and operation management of this enterprise, and master packaging science and technology of high-quality professionals, able to attract such talent environment and incentive mechanism is not ideal, even if some good packaging enterprise economic benefit, high quality comprehensive talent flow is also very frequently, it has become the common problem of restricting packaging enterprises internationalization packaging production.

3 the laws and regulations construction lag, commodity packaging industry. 

Some countries in the world, especially developed countries successively for packaging industry as early as 20 years ago established laws and regulations, involving range is very wide.However, compared with the economically developed countries, our country the packing of the legal research significantly lags behind.There is no a complete packing method in our country, the study of packaging design only stay at the technical level, few legal questions involved in the packaging industry.It is understood that in the field of packaging, research on legal issues in the design of the packing of not more than 15 references.

4, packaging design simplification, lack of market consciousness.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the transformation of the ideology and aesthetic temperament and interest, today's developed countries commodity packaging design embodies the beautiful, practical, environmental protection and so on "people-oriented" design concept, its products tend to sell well in the market.The packaging design of domestic companies, by contrast, is very fragile.Many enterprise product appearance design, and even the design of packaging structure, material to go abroad, sometimes are particularly exaggerated commodity connotation, even with excessive packaging, fraudulent caused strong dissatisfaction of consumers.

5, domestic packaging technology development lags behind, exports of foreign technical barriers to trade restrictions.

The foreign technical barriers to trade presents itself to the trend of the packing the goods and the restrictions in the commodity packaging is very prominent, the packaging product inspection standards of developed countries increased from the original several, a dozen to dozens of, China's export trade is blocked by packaging "barriers".According to statistics, China's merchandise exports each year of losses as a result of improper packing and nearly $24 billion, that figure to continue after China's accession to the wto on the rise.

Second, the new trend of development of the international market sales packaging

In the rapid development of science and technology, the market increasingly competitive in the 21st century, packaging industry how to adapt to the requirements of the new era, meet the modern packaging process of sustainable development, to meet the needs of the international target market and cater to consumer becomes especially important.The following analysis of several categories of current international market of packaging types.
1.Characteristics of the packagingHighly appreciated.
(1) small and exquisite of commodity packaging.This kind of packing in a wide variety of shelves are easy to cause consumer interest, especially the youth and women, children, the desire to buy;And small package will not bring larger additional value to commodity, is easy to be accepted by consumers.
(2) the fragranceCommodity packaging.As people consumption idea change, people require goods and food packaging can smell fragrant.With the commodity packaging not only in the sense of smell of fragrance promoted commodity consumers decide to buy, and can reflect commodity packaging more unique.
(3)Convenience food packaging.As people life rhythm speeding up, the fast food become popular goods, strange chic food packaging can not only convenient to eat and dine is also a kind of beauty to enjoy.

(4) type restoring ancient ways commodity packaging.Exquisite bamboo basket, straw basket, wine kegs, exquisite wood lacquer box, small vases and so on, is very popular with consumers.

2, multifunctional and personalized commodity packaging sells commodity packaging at the same time.

Multi-function commodity packaging in addition to packing the goods also can be used as he raised the use value of packaging, saves resources and reduce the pollution of the environment: the personalized packaging mainly for supermarkets, warehouse sales by different sales environment, sites such as different packing methods, that whether the enterprise image and the product itself or social effect have great relevance and influence.

3, electronic product packaging is very popular.

E-commerce can make the enterprise through the network directly to release goods sales information, consumers directly query the information you need on the Internet, and through the network to sign the sales contract, payment and the off-line delivery.E-commerce completely changed the traditional marketing way, goods out sales intermediaries, saves a large amount of raw materials, and the optimization of the goods, goods distribution, improve the efficiency of the transportation, removes the artificial and mechanical loading and unloading, and transportation of electronic goods, reduce the transaction cost, expand the advertising and sales.

4, puts a premium on green packaging.

Packaging for the role in promoting the economic development of visible, but the packaging waste on the environment pollution and destruction is also more prominent.Green packaging is the need of the international development trend of environmental protection, can save energy, after use easy to recycle and reuse, and easy to natural decomposition without environmental pollution, protect the health of consumers of green packaging more and more get the consumer's attention.

Third, consummates our country export commodities sales packaging countermeasures

In view of the changes in the international market, in order to make China's packaging industry in sales of export commodities packaging international competition in the market to win customers, some effective countermeasures should be taken to strengthen our country export commodities packaging, in order to improve the international market share.

1, improve the legal system.

Packaging enterprises in China should be familiar with national laws and regulations, packaging industry at the same time to strengthen legislation construction.In order to integrate with the world market as soon as possible, our country should strive to perfect "viii" about the packing of the standards, especially must vigorously promote environmental protection laws and regulations and will be packed with the relevant provisions of environmental regulations included in the packaging method.Should by the administration of the packaging industry and professional associations to coordinate the relationship between the industry, to crack down on counterfeit goods and piracy violations, material, conceal omission packaging business varieties of smuggling, illegal behavior, such as brand, commodity stiff, for China's packaging industry to create a loose, competitive and orderly internal environment.

2, optimization of export commodities sales packaging design.

Good packaging, not only can protect the goods, but also can promote and beautify the commodity, commodity price, attract customers, expanding market, increase the price, and to a certain extent, shows the export country level of science and technology, culture and art.In order to make the sales packaging to adapt to the needs of the international market, in the design production sales, packaging should reflect facilitate exhibition on display, easy to identify, easy to carry and use, has artistic appeal, the basic requirements such as color and pleasing to the eye, make our country export commodities packaging conform to the scientific, economic, strong, beautiful, marketable and create more foreign exchange.

3, strengthen the awareness of the international market

Only let the market consciousness and the mentality of people today, through the packaging surface compared with endoplasmic clever conception, to lead the trend of The Times of packing design.Therefore, strengthen the awareness of the international market is particularly important for packaging enterprises.Packaging enterprise only through the understanding of the international market and are familiar with, to make our enterprise packaging with the international market pace.

4, strengthen the management of packaging enterprises.
Along with our country joining the world trade and opening to the outside world expands unceasingly, multinational companies bring capital and technology into China's packaging market, they on the one hand, for the development of packaging industry of our country has brought much-needed funds and technology, and the other ~ also for its solid economic strength and competitiveness for our packaging enterprises has brought the huge impact.Packaging industry in our country should strengthen the packaging enterprise management as soon as possible In the face of the impact of the reality and opportunities, the adoption of countermeasures, in line with international standards to make it real.
1) the personnel training, introducing competition mechanism.Should actively cultivate high quality talents for li, the WTO rules, set up with the international division of labor matching, a competitive product structure, and know the rules of agency services, packaging production enterprises in China to further improve the level of technology and management, to participate in international competition.
2) strengthen international exchanges, and perfect the construction of information network.

The production enterprise or design, can organize and contact import and export company, relying on the advanced information technology, export packaging in a timely manner to understand the international market and demand, the number of summary up to reduce the cost of small batch production.At the same time to further study the characteristics of the export commodities in transport packaging, according to the specifications of the container transport, design a series of transport packaging specifications, so that the export commodity production enterprise to use.Packaging enterprise informatization construction is a very complicated system engineering, need government, packaging industry organization and packing enterprises, colleges and universities and the joint efforts of scientific research institutions, and telecommunications and other departments.

5, attaches great importance to the green environmental protection.
Under the impetus of the green consumption trend, people will no longer only when the choose and buy goods pay close attention to the quality of the goods is unqualified, packaging is elegant, but more concerned about whether the goods meet the requirements of environmental protection, if there is a "green packing mark" on the package.Product manufacturers, therefore, should take the initiative to adopt green packaging, implement green marketing, to cater to consumer psychology, to promote the sale of goods.Four, conclusion to sum up, the domestic enterprises must be fully understand and familiar with the packaging export of relevant knowledge, from now on in the development of products, open up the market, eye on the domestic market and domestic rivals, and focus on the international market and international competition, to create the development strategy of the economic globalization and integration, in the production and business operation decision making and implementation of action, can quickly meet new demand of international market for goods sales packaging, the packaging industry in our country into a higher stage, make China's exports more competitive in the international market.