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To the 2024 global flexible packaging market will exceed $250 billion

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According to the latest research report released GlobalMarketInsights, to 2024, the flexible packaging market size will exceed $250 billion.

Thin-walled elastic material, the improvement of the performance of the block the progress of technology and loss reduction is the main factor to promote the growth of flexible packaging market.Good sealing performance, thermal insulation and moisture performance make flexible packaging industry choice many end applications.In the packaging industry, took a large flexible packaging, because consumers prefer convenience, easy storage and transport packaging.Weihai HaoDong packaging co., LTD

In 2015,foodAnd beverage flexible packaging market income of more than $85 billion.Lifestyle and eating habits changing and improving ability of consumers to pay promote the development of the industry.Packaging and processing food shelf life is more and more long, also can prevent the contamination, which meet the mass consumption habits, will create a huge opportunity for flexible packaging market growth.

With the increase of export trade andThe electronic commerceThe development of the industry, flexible packaging applications in medical, cosmetics and consumer goods industry will continue to grow.To 2024, flexible packaging applications in the field of health care will increase more than 5%.Medical products on sustainability policy support and increase of consumer health consciousness will promote the development of industry.

Self-supporting bag is a popular form of soft packaging, widely used in many industry terminal.To 2024, self-supporting bag market volume is expected to exceed $75 billion.Prominent moistureproof anti-oxidation performance, low material consumption, and low cost is positive with product requirements.

The government ofoilchemicalDosage of products strict control, unstable political turmoil caused by the price of crude oil will affect the flexible packaging market price movements.

Other key content of the report:

In terms of material, polymer flexible packaging market volume is still the biggest, occupy more than 70% of the overall in 2015.Because of high polymer material is durable, can be modified, cost-effective.

Russia and Germany, to 2024, as led by the flexible packaging market growth rate will exceed 3.5%.Processed foods and the development of the retail industry will be a key factor to boost the growth of its.

The food and beverage, flexible packaging market value will exceed $15 billion.

, in 2015, the disposable income increase, candy, cakes and the development of the dairy industry and moistureproof materials technology progress is the main factor affecting the industry growth.

To 2024, flexible packaging is given priority to with Brazil and Argentina's Latin America market compound annual growth rate of more than 4%.The increase of urban population,electronicBusiness industry development to support the needs of the region.

Global flexible packaging market share because of the existence of many regional company and highly fragmented.Including Amherst, solid lattice, constantia flexible packaging group, zyprexa and BiMa.

Other more concern company include unita di group, Clondalkin group, Clondalkin group, Ukrplastic, AmpacHoldings, sealed air and Wipak group.

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