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Green express package first look at foreign practice!

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【Weihai HaoDong packaging co., LTD】For decades, the international community including the express package reached a common consensus, solid waste disposal is in accordance with the principle of the waste hierarchy to the whole process of solid waste management, according to the prevention from the disposal strategy(Try not to waste), reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery(Burning etc.)And disposal.That is to say, express packaging should start from the source planning, let the packing materials to produce the least amount of waste.In most developed countries, the question is not whether the products and packaging should be more sustainable, but how to achieve sustainable.In terms of green packaging, use of policies and regulations and technical standards of commodity packaging, is the usual practice of many developed countries.

Puma environmental packagingClever Little Bag consists of a piece of cardboard and a Bag.It get rid of the traditional top and bottom of the shoe box, with only four sides as a support frame, and then with a bag, and hands to carry the bag to the reserved holes through the side.Save the cardboard material already so, also do not need to provide customers with other shoe bag.

The polish designerMajaSzcypek design of packed in hay suppression of eggs, it USES the paper carton more sustainable than traditional material, to reduce the cost and easier to produce.

Green Courier Look at abroad

goods“Excessive packaging”And express the outer packing“bound”, seemingly didn't have much impact on life, actually this kind of the excessive use of packaging, is a kind of resource waste and environmental pollution.Now online shopping, express industry is developing rapidly, at the time of delivery goods packaging in three layers, and most of the outer packing can be used only once, the recovery rate is extremely low, cause serious environmental pollution.Overseas many countries have legislation to express the outer packing, advocate recycling express package, promote green Courier.In addition, also have strict rules to commodity packaging, excessive packaging and consumer behavior will be seen as fraud.

Germany80%The packing of the compulsory recycling

In Germany, from20century90S began to focus on green packaging, packaging design science, to online shopping saves the cost of raw materials and transport enterprise, reduce the use of consumables.Germany introduced the packaging waste management methods, and puts forward management should be in accordance with the packaging waste“Reduction, reuse, recycling and final disposal”Order, and set the different packaging waste recycling targets and timelines.From the way to develop the packaging waste collection to the final treatment of quantitative standard, such as rules80%And packaging waste100%Transport packing must be recycled, so that the packing processing each link has specific criteria.Later, Germany also introduced the packaging recycling use of laws, requirements besides packaging manufacturers, engaged in transportation, agent, wholesale, retail enterprise must also is responsible to recycle packaging.

1992Years, Germany began to implement a more system of packaging waste recycling method, the famous“Green dot”Recovery system.The system requirements, unified printed on commodity packaging“Green dot”Mark.All printed with“Green dot”Mark of goods, the residents after the use, just put them in special yellow plastic bags, business“Green dot”Pport system timing to households.On the goods“Green dot”, said the commodity producers is pay the fee for the goods from the recovery, by using the“Green dot”Sign manufacturers pay fee, set up a recycling, classification and recycling system, operation of this system is a nonprofit company.

The United States Recycling packaging enterprises can tax cuts

American express packing is large, will not wrap adhesive tape, only will fill many earthquake stabilization material.Like to buy things on amazon or wal-mart website, express delivery are sometimes found particularly large box.Some people will be the packaging back to reuse.In amazon website, consumers can choose whether to need to wait for all the items here at a time using a large box.In order to solve the express single tore down a stick on the carton after repeated use, the electricity company USES amazon yi jie parcel list, making convenience for secondary use.2008The company is also introduced“The frustration of packing”, this kind of simple packaging cartons common form is a simple, no fancy decorative accessories, and even the trademarks will not appear on the packaging.However, one of the great "benefits" of the carton is easy to open, don't even need to auxiliary tools such as scissors, so as not to damage the body.

In fact as early as in the last century in the United States90S began to focus on green packaging.Recycling packaging in order to improve the enterprise's enthusiasm, the United States government according to the enterprise packaging recycling utilization of high and low, appropriate related tax exempt enterprises.At the same time, the United States is also in the resource conservation and recycling law rules,“To reduce the consumption of packing material, and recycling of packaging waste”。

International famous manufacturers tetra pak cartons, Mr. Parker, only green bag packaging, sig, etc, have established the carton council to promote carton recycling in the United States.At present, the United States has in terms of packaging waste recycling industrialization operation, not only improve the environment, improve the utilization rate of resources, but also provides a large number of employment opportunities.

In addition to the packing design, some U.S. companies also in packaging material technology has carried on the positive exploration, liquor packaging is made of straw, high strength, facilitate logistics transportation, and environmental protection.

Japan Use cartons recycling

In Asia, Japan in the green packaging of the more prominent, the formulation and implementation of the act of recycling packaging not only, also committed to the construction of recycling system, in China are encouraged to set up a lot of the recycle bin, consumers will classify packaging waste, after finish accepted Japan's transportation system will be classified by timing recovery of packaging waste collection, transfer, transportation to the specific processing center for recycling, remanufacturing process.

The basic is not online, a lot of people in Japan still in store shopping more, because the price is no difference.For local delivery packaging is very delicate, does not like China“bound”.General express is a box outside, inside a box.Japan's express rarely reuse bags outside.Used for packaging tape is like paper, basically the carton packaging.Because Japan trash classification, every day will be assigned to the combustible rubbish box, carton in recycled garbage.So it is beneficial to express the packaging recycling.

The French Recovery system division of responsibility clear

In France1994In the years of the packaging waste transport act stipulates that consumers have the duty to scrap recycling packaging initiative to manufacturers or retailers.In addition, the French also formed the waste recycling, recycling agencies by production and manufacturer as to its shareholders, France also introduced the guarantor in this mechanism, so that can ensure recycling agencies have perfect supervision mechanism, and the fair sex.

In the recycling system, each link tightly clasped and signed agreement and the case between at all levels, the responsibility division of labor is clear, so the recovery system has good effect on internal control, as the height of the packaging waste generated by related industries recycling provides a good guarantee.

South Korea The excessive packaging penalty300All the won

South Korea generally express packaging boxes or is similar to the black bag in China.South Korea on the product package standards for various classes of packing space and level(Several layers of packaging)Have made specific provision, South Korea will also excessive packaging items as one kind of illegal behavior, manufacturers such as don't reduce the ratio of packaging products in accordance with the provisions of the government and the layer number, the highest will be fined300The south Korean won.

Because South Korea itself more strict with the garbage classification, so delivery box and black bags can be recycled material, more environmental protection.These packing materials can be directly cast into the recycling dump in plastic and paper.

To simplify the packaging Produce lessBeautiful rubbish

In recent years, with the improvement of environmental awareness, the environmental standards and regulations in the international trade is more and more strict.ISO14000namely“System of international environmental management standards”,“Products including their packaging should not only attach importance to efficiency, but also to the idea of environmental protection”.Some countries have also usedISO18000namely“International standards for environmental monitoring system”To limit the import of packaging does not conform to the standard.New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Finland, Australia and other countries will strictly implement“Environment mark”System, is very strict to the requirement of the packing.

Japan Saves award gift packaging

Japan has seen“Packing hot”In Japan after world war ii has experienced a period of rapid economic growth, people at that time sought exquisite packaging has reached the degree of pathological, and even the packaging is higher than the prices of the goods.Later, with the decay of the Japanese economy and the improvement of environmental awareness, Japanese folk packaging of goods is gradually rise again“Contracted wind”, reduce the waste of resources, and to avoid excessive packaging waste generated by the damage to the environment.

Nowadays, supermarkets all over Japan advocates simple packaging, if people can simplify the goods packaging, supermarket will increase integral to the customer, or to launch“save10Time reward a gift packaging bags”In the activity.In Japan, designer handbags, traditional Japanese kimonos, or diamond ring multi-million dollar yen commodity, packing also is only with a soft cloth and paper bags, if you want to more luxurious packaging, need extra packing charge.When the New Year will come every year, each big department stores will launch a unified pricing, content value“The bag”To feedback the consumer.Goody bag packaging is to use waste milk cartons to pulp, made of recycled paper, although looks“soil”, but with sturdy, cheap, welcome by the Japanese people.

Japan's trade ministry has released a set of Suggestions relating to the product packaging, content involves the consumer products packaging waste treatment method, reduce the amount of waste and encourage recycling.Japan's retailing industry association has set up a committee to determine the two sets of retailing industry commodity packaging standard, the point is: the packaging material or container must not endanger human body health, to minimize the packing size, space of the container should not exceed twenty percent of the volume of the products.

Germany advocateNo packagingandSimple packaging

In Germany, most of the commodity packaging in the shop is very simple: bread, vegetables, fruits and other food packaging in general is a single layer of paper bag;The meat is the vacuum plastic box;Many articles for daily use and simple box;Alcohol is almost no packaging.Since the last century in Germany90S began to advocate the commodity“No packaging”and“Simple packaging”, both to reduce the burden of producers and consumers, and conducive to environmental protection.

20Years ago, Germany has announced the packaging ordinance, limit the proportion in the whole goods packing: such as packaging container space shall not exceed the container volume20%;Packing costs shall generally be in the total cost of the product15%The following, and so on.All the packing volume significantly more than the goods itself10%And the packaging cost significantly more than goods30%, it should be judged to be violations of the consumer rights and interests of commercial fraud.Germany also carried out the circular economic law, in the form of legal provisions commodity producers and JingXiaoZhe recycle packaging waste.The law requires, relevant enterprises in containers and packaging materials to make the packaging is simple and portable.According to the circular economic law "regulation, use the goods of the law will be extended to the automotive, electronic equipment and fibre products, and gradually extended to the furniture, building materials, garbage, etc.

Simple packaging prevalence is closely connected with the idea of the germans., they argue, is the most important internal quality and external packaging should not be a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role.For the vast majority of consumers, genuine, good value, is still the most important criteria of choose and buy goods.

The French The enterprise is responsible to recycle packaging waste

Romantic French people like each other gifts, but the French gift, whether the gift itself, or gift packaging exquisite luxurious and valuable.It is worth mentioning is that many French friends like self-control, often“It's no use”, because more can reflect the donor's good will, tend to be more popular.Homemade packaging France actually very common, packing material is multifarious, shoebox, cloth, paper bags, and even home decorate the rest of the wallpaper, flowers vegetables straw rope, buy a bag of plastic, the lace on the old clothes, etc., can be the best gift packaging materials, packaging out of the present simple, beautiful, full of ideas.French packaging law, packaging manufacturers, beverage manufacturers, importers shall be responsible for the daily packaging waste recycling, otherwise, they have to pay a special tax for diversion work.

The us and Canada A packing limit the excessive packaging

For a long time, the United States and Canada are by taxing packing to limit luxury packaging.According to the two countries' legislation, as long as there is the following person are deceptive packing: packing contains too much open space;Packaging and contents of volume, height difference is too big;Without exaggerating packing and so on.These legislative provisions, fundamentally greatly limit the unnecessary luxury goods makers to provide packaging.

In Canada, for example, big electrical goods, such as refrigerators and color TV, is usually set on the plastic bags placed in the carton with our bubble after delivery.According to the purpose of the three layers of packaging are waterproof, seismic and put.Electrical goods actually don't need other complicated packaging, is the most important thing in the process of transporting artificial operation is right.

The United States for“The excessive packaging”Very meticulous, not only the federal law prohibits the deceptive and misleading packaging, states also made the respective packaging laws.Connecticut rules, for example, the packaging of goods can't mislead consumer awareness of the quality and quantity.New Jersey, commodity packaging content such as the number of net weight, volume and products have changes, manufacturers must prominently to consumers in the packaging.

New Zealand Commodity packaging20For weight loss40%

New Zealand is the first in the world advocate“Zero waste action”Countries, called for the enterprise, the consumer of waste reuse and recycle as much as possible, radically reduce waste.In the past20Years, reduced commodity packaging40%The weight of the.On the commodity packaging, New Zealand provides enterprise packaging costs must be controlled within a certain range.If the height of the packaging, volume and regulations difference is too big, or packaging in non-technical needs, will be considered“Fraudulent packaging”.The concept of consumer is they spend money to buy goods itself, rather than the slick packaging.