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Key knowledge customized plastic bags

2017-3-9 22:24:24 view:

Customized plastic bags is one of many food manufacturers have to do work, plastic bags is very common in our daily life a kind of plastic flexible packaging bags, such as in the supermarket to buy things when see ninety percent of all is to use the plastic bags after sales of food packaging.Many customized plastic bags for the first time the customer do not know the material of plastic packaging bags, the plastic packaging material what are the advantages?Look at the below by dongguang Chinese suye resolution for you:

1, two-way stretch polypropylene BOPP: high transparency, tensile, cold resistant, heat resistant, and 40 degrees - 120 degrees

2, two-way stretch polypropylene extinction film: the luminosity is small, translucent shape, with extinction effect of thin film.

3, cast polypropylene CPP: good gloss, good transparency, heat sealing resistance, flow high temperature membrane is suitable for cooking packaging

4, polyethylene PE: transparency, good gloss, heat sealing resistance, hardy

5, polyester film, PET: resistance to tension, 60-150 degrees heat resistance, good air tightness, and suitable for cooking, no heat sealing

6, nylon PA or NY: colorless, transparent, cold resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, but cooking.Easy to moisture absorption, no heat sealing

Customized plastic bags when you need to know the plastic bags are made by more than a single composite material, such as compound OPP CPP, this combination is very suitable for small food packaging, its features are mainly high brightness, good transparency, printed, moistureproof, oxygen.

Customized plastic bags need to know the character of the material can accurately find the packing bag of their products!