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Keywords: flexible packaging industry future development innovation, green

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On January 6 ~ 8, 2017, sponsored by the China plastics processing industry association, the professional committee, China's green composite film productspackagingIndustry technology innovation strategic alliance to undertake "2017 China plastic composite film association branch of the seven secondary member congress - innovation, green, sustainable development" was held in tongxiang city, zhejiang province, the meeting invited industry association leadership, flexible packaging enterprises on behalf of, the end user and flexible packaging industry chain equipment suppliers, industry media nearly 200 more than person.

The meeting

6 at 19:00-21:00 at night, and held three times in seven of the board of directors, the theme content around 2016 work summary, VOCs cutting technology roadmap plan report, work plan for 2017, 2017, visiting plan, industry much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning plan, industry group 2017 standard planning, 2016 balance of the financial report, review board 7 working group (secretariat organization development working group, policy experts and information team work and coordination team unfairness of education training team, standardization work team, safety supervision work team and management working group of VOCs) 2016 work report and 2017 work plan.

7 ~ 8 is wonderful the seven secondary member conference of composite membrane, the opening ceremony of the conference link by the Chinese model of composite film of Mr Researh material - 11 toastmasters, first he delivered his opening speech, he to your busy schedule to come to the attending member representatives, industry colleagues to express our heartfelt thanks to you for.China plastics processing industry association, vice director of Cao Jian speeches, he analyzed the current development of flexible packaging industry faces problems, and points out that the green environmental protection is the focus of the future development of the theme, he affirmed the current ink and solvent-free composite flexible packaging processing technology development, and emphasized to promote the development of flexible packaging industry in our country, also need the whole industrial chain innovation reform, hope everybody hand in hand to move on.Followed by hosting the Chinese redbud ink co., LTD., general manager of KuangGuo according to welcome speech.Finally, Xia Jialiang work report in 2016 and 2017 work plan, he introduced to the guests with 2016 composite membrane of the focus of the work, including the establishment of the seven-time council, set up and perfect the organizational structure, determine the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" and put forward the development direction of the industry development planning guidance, to organize the formulation of "VOCs control technology roadmap", perfect the roots are also included in this standard food packaging safetymanagementSystem construction, in order to point with surface enlarge the operating range of "traceability regulations", composite film industry standards and standardization management.Introduced in 2017 work plan, general introduction to the organization in the summer of a composite membrane flexible packaging industry members meeting and 2017 the whole industry chain market and technology development seminar, organize visit overseas exhibition and business investigation.

Leadership speech

After the opening ceremony is wonderful technical communication link, the first from China light industry federation, comprehensive sales department director Simon li introduced the composite film printing industry VOCs cuts, he proposed a "national environmental protection much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" for the first time the VOCs in binding emission reduction targets, visible national emphasis of VOCs control.He combed the countries have issued policy of pollution prevention technology in recent years, and mainly introduces the working content of VOCs cut road map and plan, he pointed out that the environmental protection department will release energy saving water-saving equipment enterprise income tax preferential directory (2008) and special equipment for environmental protection enterprise income tax preferential directory (2008) revision, increase VOCs cut special equipment (including source, process, and end governance), hope to flexible packaging industry to strengthen the attention.After the researh material 700000-11 report by the head of the expert teams to the composite membrane branch of compound (printing) VOCs cut plastic packaging industry technology roadmap, he introduced the domestic current situation of the plastic flexible packaging VOCs emissions, he proposed after repeated advice at present domestic flexible packaging industry's annual consumption of organic solvent consumption is about 700000 tons, according to the ministry and the ministry of finance jointly issued the VOCs cutting technology to plastic flexible packaging industry in 2018 VOCs emissions cuts in 200000 than in 2015 tons, realization of VOCs emissions cuts manufacture process of more than 50% in the number of composite flexible packaging.He introduced the VOCs cutting technology route of implementation plan, and the source of governance process in detail at the end of the process and the summary and analysis.

Two experts after the speech, is flexible packaging enterprises on behalf of, terminal on behalf of, material and equipment suppliers to bring about ink application of VOCs emissions, solvent-free composite, technology exchange and sharing of food safety, etc.Ink applications, the Chinese redbud ink co., LTD. Deputy technical director Feng Wenzhao introduces ENVOMARS water-based ink development and in combination with the actual case to introduce the present situation of the application of ink products, technical personnel from Shanghai yuncheng plate-making co., LTD. Is the gravure plate making problems of the application of ink painting.Technical manager from zhejiang changhai packaging jinlong to guests to share their problems in application of ink painting and corresponding solutions, and sums up the need to focus on the point of application of ink painting.Famous end users want want group headquarters packaging division manager Huang Yong ink test was introduced, analyzed and compared with solvent ink printing sample effect.From Po (Shanghai) company limited, zhao yong from the perspective of gravure equipment RS3.0 Bosch is introducedGravure pressIn ink application advantage.

In VOCs control technologies, from zhejiang integrity packaging materials co., LTD and yiwu tiger leap after ZongYu packaging materials co., LTD Zhu Ruiwen respectively Shared their experience in VOCs governance and scheme selection;shaanxinorthernersPrinting machinery co., LTD Li Dong, ek's BaoWei of photoelectric technology (suzhou) co., LTD., guangzhou dark horse technology co., LTD. Ma jun, hebei dragon environmental protection technology co., LTD., deputy general manager of Gong Chen Ze feather environmental protection technology co., LTD, Shanghai's xin-hua zheng da environmental protection equipment co., LTD., hangzhou day Yang Zhengxiong Shared their company VOCs governance solutions respectively, gravure press bake, modification technology and gas recovery technology, etc.

In the absence of solventPrinting equipmentAspects, Spain the spanish-american group von goddess of EB is introducedOffset printingSolution of the advantages and application of zhongshan, introduce He Zhipan solvent-free gravure printing machinery co., LTD., general manager in the flexible packaging can play the advantages of green production.

In terms of solvent-free composite, dow chemical (China) co., LTD. Chen bing introduced high dow chemical in the thin film composite of green solutions by adhesives, noble beauty g (Shanghai) machinery co., LTD qi-zhong li introduced the latest generation of double coated solvent-free composite advantages and characteristics of the equipment.

In terms of food safety, nestle (China) co., LTD., li-sheng zhang Shared the nestle requirements of packaging materials and food packaging standard.From Beijing Dan bell instrument co., LTD ZuoXiaoFeng Shared food packaging composite membrane barrier property detection scheme.

In terms of intelligent automation, shaanxi determinations of the northerners Li Dong in wisdom factory work, ma automatic Ma Chuhan logistics automation are introduced to givePackaging and printingBusiness improved and achieved.

These wonderful speech for the flexible packaging industry energy conservation and emission reduction and green printing production provides valuable solutions.8 PM, organisers guests go to the Chinese redbud ink and zhejiang changhai packaging to visit learning, the Chinese redbud inkOffset printing inkWorkshop mainly produces soybean oil ink, completely green environmental protection, no peculiar smell, almost in the gravure printing ink workshop, fully automated operation mode to make visitors feel amazing, this is the most advanced domestic set of gravure printing ink production workshop, production only 3 people can complete the whole set of equipment operation.In zhejiang changhai packaging guests visited the ink application of live and printing workshop didn't no peculiar smell, equipment operation speed of 185 m, print color restore true, the image is clear, can completely and solvent gravure comparable.Heralding ink in flexible packaging printing, the application of thin film and a step forward, of course, we still can't slack off, next for governance standard green production, is our ultimate goal, we look forward to the successful commissioning of the pure water ink as early as possible, this will be the best choice of the flexible packaging enterprises to reduce pressure on environmental protection.